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Thread: Lua BuffBar

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    Lua BuffBar

    OK so i have my buff bar set up and like i dont have enough room for all my buffs and it starts covering up my skills is there anyway to get ur buff bars to start going to the left when it gets say 4 buffs on one like row and it starts making another row of 4?
    Thanks for the help
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    Re: Lua BuffBar

    type /buffbars setup

    This will allow you to toggle what buffs you see, I have mine set so it only shows a few select buffs from other classes and all of my Wardens buffs. I also have it set so any buff longer than 10 minutes will not show.

    As to whether you can add additional slots/ bars I don't think so. There are three "Bars" or features available with this plugin, but only one shows you your buffs and debuffs, the other two have their own functionality.
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    Re: Lua BuffBar

    I think what you would have to do is set up multiple bars to only show specific buffs each, and to do that you'd have to hide all other buffs from showing in that bar. It'd be a hassle, so I'd recommend just moving the Buffbars to somewhere they don't overlap with anything. I have mine set to the right of my skills and the bar grows from the bottom up instead of the top down.
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