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    Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge

    I see that the Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge is an item in this weeks lottery, but I thought it was no longer possible to obtain non-level 65 runes? Or is the only way now to play the lottery perhaps? It doesn't bother me, they are still quite useful, was just unsure if this was intentional.

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    Re: Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge

    Most likely, just like the relics have changed stats but use the same names, the new "Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge" is usable on any LI.

    Just a guess.


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    Re: Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge

    it is only usable on lvl 60 or lower weapons. It's a waste if you're level 65. I have a ticket in for it.

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    Re: Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge

    <table id="tableDetail" class="trowserQueue"><tbody><t r id="descLine"><td colspan="3" class="trowserBoldText">Char: Garrack
    Server: Vilya

    I won todays lottery. One of the rewards was a 700000 rune, elaborate heritage rune of knowledge. Unfortunately, it is an old style run capped at level 60. Can I get this replaced with a new style rune?
    </td> </tr> <tr><td>
    </td></tr> <tr id="histLine"> <td colspan="3" class="trowserBoldText"> History:
    <table id="historyTable" class="trowserHistory" border="0"> <tbody><tr class="trowserText"> <td class="trowserHistoryCell" valign="top">03/23/11 02:23 PM</td><td valign="top">Greetings. Please visit the Lottery forums for assistance with this as GMs are unable to help with Lottery issues.</td><td class="trowserHistoryCell" valign="top">- +Geneva+</td></tr></tbody></table>
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    Re: Elaborate Heritage Rune of Knowledge

    The short answer is no. As per our very long standing policy regarding lotteries, we do not replace items and customer service is unable to help.

    To clarify the issue, the old runes are still in game data, they cannot be obtained through gameplay. The lottery can pull things directly from data and does not require gameplay. So yes, the free items you were awarded were correct.

    Of course you could grab a lower level LI, use the rune, then deconstruct the LI.



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