Hello fellow warriors!
Today I'm going to tell you about the 35th ranked kin in Arkenstone, how did we find out? go to kinwatch.com
We have a total of 125 members and our leader is the greatly Renowned Siirmaeliel.
We also have the elite champion Marzion and our very own elite Lore-master Rodvirnas.
Recognize these names? Thought you would, our kin is recruiting a lot of people since one of our elites, Lithnodil, left for another kin. Our kin is extremely helpful, fun, and will help you through any battles you might face. Now people might say, "your just saying this because you want people to join your kin." true, that's what this was made for, but would i waste my time doing this for a kin i love but i'm not a leader of?
If you want true kinship, true brother(and sister)hood.
whisper or tell either Marzion, Akezri, Siirmaeliel, Rodvirnas, or Arawinn for an invite to our greatly loved kin.
Thank for the time you have put into reading this letter!

Yours Truly,