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    Question Downloading Lua Plugins

    OK sorry in advance for unintelligent question. I am kinda new to lotro and i have a lvl 15 warden that i am trying to get some plugins on. Well i looked on youtube and google and i cant find anything that will help me. ( Using Windows 7 vista)I think its an HP 2159m. Not to knowledgeable about all the stuff in folders and stuff . Ok so I made a plugins folder in my Lord Of The Rings Online folder(was i suppose to put it in UserPreferences)? And i downloaded Palantir-1.09.3(this is a folder) and dragged it to my Plugins folder. I got on lotro and refreshed plugins list and i did the /plugins list and it said i had none just wondering i have a regular computer bought in 2010 very fast can someone please explain how to do it to someone who isn't that smart coming to computers
    Thanks in advance for all your help

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    Re: Downloading Lua Plugins

    You might want to visit the LUA forums. Lots of helpful folks in there!

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    Re: Downloading Lua Plugins

    Quote Originally Posted by Roberto_the_First View Post
    You might want to visit the LUA forums. Lots of helpful folks in there!
    Can anyone help me here?
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    Re: Downloading Lua Plugins

    Not sure if this is the same for you because i'm on Vista. I had to make the folder in my documents folder under LOTRO, not the one in program files(x86) which is your main install files folder.

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    Re: Downloading Lua Plugins

    Mines in Documents
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    Re: Downloading Lua Plugins

    First things first, the Lua API (and thus plugins) are a Beta feature of LotRO. What that means to you is that part of the API is currently broken, and some plugins may not work correctly, or they may be buggy. Also, do not expect to have anything as game changing as what happens in WoW - the vast majority of these plugins are harmless UI additions, and they don't show you anything that you can't already see on the screen, granted a few do it much, much clearer than the way Turbine does so.

    Ok, now for the practical stuff.... The very first thing you should do is check out the stickies here and get the LotRO Example plugins working. Once those are working, plugins - by default - go:
    My Documents => The Lord of the Rings Online => Plugins

    I cannot stress the importance of getting the LotRO Example Plugins working first - this will save you a bunch of headaches down the road, because it is a very easy, and controlled, way of teaching you the basic concepts of getting plugins working.

    As far as practical things go.... you will definitely want to get a manager and create a macro button, so every time you load, it's one click and you've loaded all of them.

    A good manager app is here: http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...nfo.php?id=379
    To create the macro, type:
    /shortcut 1 /plugins load manager
    Which will create a clicky at slot one on your quickbar, for you to click and drag to another quick bar.

    Other than that, there's nothing really required for raiding, if that's your concern. Some may have some recommendations, but no one has any requirements, because it's an unenforceable requirement.
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