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Thread: Cheesy Lottery?

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    Cheesy Lottery?

    I recently won some cheese in the "Taste of Bree" lottery that appears to be deadly if eaten. Since this lottery did not occur on April 1st, I was wondering if this cheese has a use that I am currently unaware of. Anyone?

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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    Yes, you eat it and you get the title the Unwise. It's a fun gag found in Haudh Iarchith. Depending on your level, you can survive the cheese either on your own or with the help of a healer.
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    It gives a title the first time you use it.
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    The Bree Cheese is a fun item that used to be a very rare drop in Haudh Ican'tspellit in the Barrow Downs. Has nothing to do with April Fool's.

    After you eat it you get the title: The Unwise. (used to be very rare!)

    If you eat it at as a low level, you may die. It's going to put a disease DoT on you that will tick away. For my level 5 RK, took about 3 ticks to kill her. The higher level you are, the more likely you will survive it, or at least be able to have someone heal you through it.

    If you eat it before level 20, and you die, you will lose your progress towards the Undying title - so if that's important to you, save it until you get the title.

    (Probably not a good idea to eat it right before going into combat)
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    Ultra Hard Mode raiding, everyone eats barrow-bree and see how long they can heal through while fighting the Watcher!

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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    I had a level 16 Burg win this lotto.

    I traded "undying" for "unwise"
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    Yes I remember the cheese dropping for the first time 3+ years ago. Then reading "it would be unwise to eat this cheese" of course I had to try it. It was a gas and I was the first person in my kin way back then to have the title. i used it proudly for a good year to 18 months before changing to what ever it is now.

    It still is one of the best titles in the game just not rare anymore.
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lurkerinthemist View Post
    (Probably not a good idea to eat it right before going into combat)
    We had someone in our kin do this during a Great Barrows run. He didn't even connect the dots and realize it was the cheese. He kept healing himself so we didn't really think anything was wrong for awhile until he pointed out that he was still taking damage "from the last fight" :-)

    Even at level 50 it used to kill someone who wasn't a healer or who didn't have a healer around to help (though maybe using healing food would help you through it).

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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    I like the rare titles. I love having "Fool", & "Blind Leaper". The Unwise was/is one of my favorites too since it goes with my surname real well. Sutrebor Theclueless The Unwise is nice. :O)
    Grats on the title, Blink!
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    The first time my warden died in LOTRO was due to a piece of Bree cheese. (At level 35) UGH! Giving that stuff out in a lottery is wrong, especially if eaten by a low level character pursuing the undying title.
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    Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohi View Post
    Even at level 50 it used to kill someone who wasn't a healer or who didn't have a healer around to help (though maybe using healing food would help you through it).
    One of my goals pre-MoM was to build my guardian to be able to survive it unbuffed and unaided. It wasn't impossible, but it wasn't really easy, either. Unfortunately MoM launched and made it trivial.
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    Wink Re: Cheesy Lottery?

    Thanks guys! I didn't get the undying title anyway, so I guess I'll pick up a bottle of wine and have an unwise party



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