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    my thoughts on bettering the forums

    I recently made a post in the PVMP Meneldor forum about forum rep and my thoughts on bettering the forums here. My suggestion was that with the update that they reset forums and start fresh with new admins for reasons of kids being introduced to profanity on here, my example was that I had reported someone for profanity that was up for 9 days and wondered how many kids read that same post and its contents of profanity for the nine days it slipped past the Admins. Never in this did I attack make fun or violate the rules was just concerned about the kids that play this game and come to these forums. I understand that the one who started the post was attacking and named one person and a Kinship, this is why I think my post was also deleted That is why I added it here. I didn't think it was because my suggestion of reseting the forums and getting new Admins because that would be wrong on thier part to delete my post for no infractions but there own self gain. If you agree or disagree with my suggestion speak up just please keep it clean

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    YES!! we need better screening. cant have kids going home and asking, "mommy what does @!#$ mean?"
    KINSHIP REVAMP PLEASE READ! [url]http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?385713-Kinship-Revamp-Proposal[/url]



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