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    MyLittleFeed - Keep track of My.Lotro Posts!

    (sorry if this double-posts. I started a thread some days ago but it looks like it never took. If it surfaces, please disregard this double!)

    If you're an aspiring blogger or avid reader of My.Lotro blogs then I've got news for you! I've set up a Google Reader feed which is currently featuring nearly 100 active My.Lotro Bloggers called the 'Unofficial My LoTRO Blogger Feed'

    You can check it out here!

    I'm also working on another feed to include pretty much every potential blogger My.LoTRO has. You can see it below the top feed. It's a slow going process, adding in a million+ users, but well worth it! Every time a new active blog shows in the list I also make sure to filter it into the active feed.

    Why do all this when Turbine is going to fix their blog feed soon? (right, right??)

    Think of MyLittleFeed as a back-up plan. We're still in the Beta (as their logo top left of this screen says), mistakes and bugs could still happen. So if their feed has a few hiccups you can always check in at MyLittleFeed to be sure you're still following the latest hobbity gossip in Middle-earth.

    How often do you update?

    The feeds themselves will usually update within 24 hours. Though I've seen blogs update within an hour. As for new users being inputted I take time every day to seed the list and put any active bloggers into the active list once a week or so. Usually on low activity days like early Monday mornings. This is because when I add a new user the feed will post every single post from that user, so I like to do them all at once so new posts can refresh.

    The feed link seems buggy; it ties my post url AND my user url together

    Unfortunately that is an issue with Google and Turbine. I can't fix that issue myself. All you need to do is copy/paste the link into an address bar and shave off the extra url. Volia!

    Could I link your RSS feed to my own my.lotro blog or website?

    My.Lotro will let you do so via the Widget section. Wordpress and other RSS-supporting blogs can do it the same way. Please check out the About page to use the appropriate feed links there. If you go directly to the Google feed page please note the RSS/Atom feed on the right is the link you want to feed into your widget or desktop app. Right-click and Copy Link Location to paste url.

    I'm a new/active blogger and I want to be on the active feed asap!

    Sure thing! You can message me here or e-mail me at MyLoTROFeed@gmail.com

    Can I be added to the feed if my posts are not always in English?

    Elvish is perfectly acceptable, as is any other non-English language! Just make sure what you post about is still my.lotro related in one way or another. You're also welcome to post a translation in English (or Sindarin!) if the mood strikes you.

    Google Translate

    I can't see user avatars or text like My.LoTRO's official feed.

    Unfortunately the avatars is another issue I can't fix. HOWEVER!! You CAN see text about a post in the RSS feed list IF the blogger writes an excerpt (it's a small section under where you write the blog) and gives a summary for what the blog is about. Your move, bloggers!

    If you have more questions or comments please respond here. Thanks for taking a look at the thread. I hope you'll enjoy MyLittleFeed and more importantly, that your curiosity and love for the stories and peoples of Middle-earth continue grow with the help your fellow bloggers at My.LoTRO.
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