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    If I had one wish.....

    ....I would blow up EC. I know I can't be the only one sick to death of the EC-STAB-TA lawn back and forth snore fest. Eventually one side gets up and leave, and the other has to run around the map to see if they've moved or logged. Snore. Heck it's half the reason I haven't been on much.

    I know everyone always talks about doing something different and nothing seems to change, but if you guys are up for it I'd like to work on getting fights in other places. Someplace like plains, candy mountain, bull beach, aradors end etc. If were too far from one sides rez we could work on having designated rezzers, maybe give out prizes for whoever gets the most renown/infamy during the day idk.


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    Re: If I had one wish.....

    All ungrouped freeps and creeps head there. So unless you want to lead raids every night and move the fighting, this is where it will cluster...

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    Re: If I had one wish.....

    this is pvmp anything goes any place any time any where if u get cought at ec move the fight then its a waiting game most the time it ends up at ec cuz there are groups of froobs there and instead of the creeps fighting the good geared 65s they pick on the low level froobs .. am i right or wrong becuz if this wasnt the case fights would be all over the place
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    Re: If I had one wish.....

    Creeps need Destiny Points, EC houses An. Killing An nets you 2,000 DP. Creeps will always go to EC for this reason. Freeps will always go to EC to find Creeps. Not saying we couldn't try to move the fight to somewhere else, it is old fighting at ec all the time.

    But unless Turbine puts a quest that creeps can get 2k or comparable DP from, they are going to go to EC.
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