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    Most Expensive In-game Item Ever

    Arkenstone - going to be at PAX East this weekend? If so and you want to meet up, send me a pm. There's a Turbine party Friday night, but they sent out invites already so I don't know if you can get one this close to the date.

    For what the trip is costing me (coming from Denver), that PAX exclusive horse better be sweet.

    (of course, it will probably be in the store next week for 1295 TP)

    Ironically, I haven't wanted to pay the 1995 TP for the Steed of Night because I thought it was too expensive.
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    Re: Most Expensive In-game Item Ever

    Good luck and have a safe trip! I wish I could go

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    Re: Most Expensive In-game Item Ever

    And while you're at it, stop by the Beckett Media booth (#136) and look for the crazy editor-guy with the semi-grey beard. Don't ask for "Naked Thor" or you'll get funny looks and possibly a visit from security.



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