The forces of the enemy have marched up to the bank of the Bruinen and await the sign to attack. Dark clouds roll in as a great storm approaches. If the Ford falls, Rivendell should not be far behind. The battle is nearly upon you….

The easiest way the Ford of Bruinen from the west of the cross the Loudwater at the Ford of Bruinen. You most likely crossed it the first time you visited Rivendell. Unfortunately, the forces of the enemy also know of this crossing. Be prepared to help the sons of Elrond defend the ford against the forces of Sauron.

Ford of Bruinen is the sixth skirmish we will examine in Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing. Here we will discuss the scenario, the enemy, and the encounters you will face as you prepare to defend this iconic resting place.

This guide is available in PDF format for easy reading and printing for reference.

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