I didn't see this anywhere, so sorry if it is a known issue. The button to jump to the top of a page in a thread only works once. If you go back to the bottom of the page and try to use it again, it doesn't work.

For example, if I am reading a thread, jump to the top to go back to the forums, then want to double check on something someone said or edit my own post, I can't use the button to get to the top of the thread again but have to manually scroll up. It's not forum breaking, but it really is quite annoying considering how often I scroll back down to reread things.

This and, though I do know it is an issue that has been mentioned before, please fix the need to reload pages 2x to get to the forums and My Preferences from the home page. Not life site breaking I know, but it gets more annoying over time lol.

In case it helps, I'm running Windows 7 and Google Chrome, but had the same issue with Firefox.