My programming work is exclusively server-side or architecture these days. But here are my thoughts on improving the community web site.

I find the hover menus to be frequently distracting and verge on unusable. I usually have to click on hovered items two or three times before they "take". Often as I attempt to hover on, say, the dev tracker, the social media menu takes over the menu display. It is an interesting feature, but I would categorize it as a failed one.

I believe much of the web site is overly complex. It seems geared towards showing off fancy CSS and page widgets, and less to usability. I believe the forums in particular suffer from this. Too much screen real estate is taken with borders, graphics and various unexplained icons, and not enough with the body of posts - the point of the forums. Navigating posts can be challenging at times as a result, and reading is very inefficient.

Remove the color theme widget (the yellow/green/red/blue square at the top right). It has never worked fully correctly as far as I can tell, and is a good example of too much focus on widgets and not enough on the core mission of the community site. Pick a color theme for the site, and stick to it.

I am unable to find usability controls. For example, there is no high contrast settings or easy to identify alternate navigation page. Even though LOTRO is a game requiring use of the mouse and the keyboard, the web site should not require the same high level of skill to use that the game requires to play well.

I have tried to keep my remarks practical. As a former web developer, user reports of "it feels wrong" were frustrating to unravel. I hope you find this post useful.