I see Duwis heroically fixing things like crazy in another thread, so I'll toss this up here in hopes of a fix too. When the new site was implemented, all of my older blog posts vanished; I assumed that they were deleted, but no, they still exist on the RSS feed! Apparently my blog has somehow become disassociated from itself?

My blog: http://my.lotro.com/user-114195/

My feed: http://my.lotro.com/thegneech/feed/

I notice that the feed has my username, while the blog has just an ID number, I'm wondering if that could be part of the issue?

In any case, I submitted a ticket about this, but never got so much as a peep back. I've been copying-and-pasting old entries I want to save to my personal blog at gneech.com, but I don't want to also have to copy and paste them back to the Lotro page if it's not needed. Obviously, the posts are still there on the server somewhere, my blog just needs to have its brain fixed!

As I say, I submitted a ticket, no response, so I'm going to try posting here. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

-The Gneech