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    Deed not tracking properly!

    Hi guys, i just just noticed that my RK's Conflagration of Runes deed has been stuck at 296/375 for over 4 days. No matter how many times i zap enemies with Fiery Ridicule, it does not count. I'm not sure is this is a known or common issue, but it is extremely annoying. And yes, everything i've been blasting to bits has been equal or higher level than me, all my other class deeds track, just not this one.

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    Re: Deed not tracking properly!

    Deeds have a daily limit that you cannot pass each day, but it should reset every day at 12:00 AM GMT -5. If it is not doing so you had better submit a bug ticket.
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    Re: Deed not tracking properly!

    Check the deed log. Is the bar yellow? If so it is at daily limit. If it stays at daily limit for more than a day 'bug it'.


    The creature you are using the skill against MUST grant XP. Thus, grey level mobs do not advance skills.

    Hope that helps a little.


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    Re: Deed not tracking properly!

    Also, if I remember correctly, make sure the enemies you're zapping don't have gray titles. If they're low enough to be gray, then they don't count towards your deed counts.



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