Last night a few writers of CSTM were able to meet up together on Bullroarer to run one of the new instances. We chose the Lost Temple instance simply because that is where Goldenstar happened to be and was able to muster everyone. Remember that you need to visit the instance locations before you can do them!

The Lost Temple is an instance located in the Trollshaws. It is a level 65 instance meant for a 6-man fellowship and is heavy on disease. Stack up on disease pots before even thinking about entering!

We were able to live stream our run including our wipes – hey it’s new to us too you know. In case you were not able to join us live we have the videos available for you to watch! It is broken up into two videos. We broke it up because we couldn’t hear Merric’s audio. The first video takes you right up to the doorstep of the first boss. The second video (with Merric’s audio fixed) shows the rest of the instance.

Our fellowship consisted of:

  • Elborigorn on his Warden
  • Ketani on her Captain
  • Kiarane on her Hunter
  • Bryandt on his Champion
  • Merric on his Guardian
  • Goldenstar on her Minstrel

We currently have 2 options to view the entire run. You can visit our blog to see the two videos from as mentioned above.


I have exported the videos to YouTube for viewing. It was broken up into 7 videos on YouTube due to the length of the originals but it is the same videos as the link above.