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    Unhappy Pipeweed - completely confused

    I leveled my farming on my hobbit with the sole intention of being able to cross-breed wizard's fire seeds for my friend who smokes that pipeweed.

    Just as I got my skill high enough, the farming changes happened, and now I have NO idea how I would even go about getting this seed - everything I've seen says it's now a random drop from a critical success field, but of WHAT?

    The pipeweed seeds you can buy from a vendor only go up to tier 3, and Wizard's fire is t5...

    Can someone please help me? I just want to be able to keep my friend supplied...

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    Re: Pipeweed - completely confused

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeirynn View Post
    The pipeweed seeds you can buy from a vendor only go up to tier 3, and Wizard's fire is t5...
    The pipeweed fields now drop seeds for their own tier and for the next tier up. So to get t5 seeds you'd want to harvest a ton of vendor seed t3 fields (to get some rare drop t4 seeds), then harvest a ton of rare drop seed t4 fields. It's quite a grind now; there's no way to get lots of seeds besides just going through and harvesting a whooole lot for the rare drops.

    On the bright side, Wizard's Fire is the only t5 pipeweed so any time you do get a t+1 drop from a t4 field, it'll be Wizard's Fire.

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    Reviving the thread for good reason

    I planted well over 500 fields of pipeweed to try to figure out the dynamics of "Rare" (Purple) seed drops, and came up with a most interesting discovery:

    If you have a desire to "Crop for Seeds", so as to get tier 4-5-6 pipeweed, USE A LOW-LEVEL FARMER ! ! !

    LOTRO appears to have added a feature in the code that CUTS the number of pipweed seed drops if you use higher level farmers. so to get a stockpile of T3/T4 seed, use a T3/T4 farmer and DO NOT ADVANCE TO MASTER until you have a stockpile of seed. you seem to get more stardard crits, but less pipeweed crits.

    If anyone has any information on WIld Pipeweed, please add here. I'm not finding anything useful in searches.



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