I made a kinship that is kind of sucky and It takes forever to level up the kin, I mean 1-3 months in and I'm barely going to reach rank 5. The kinship name is in all CAPS, "THE MONKEYS OF WAR". My dad did that and then made me leader. So 2-3months in it and So far things are going by super slow, now after the reaching of rank 5 I have to wait possible months before rank 7. Should I remain patient or should I buy a new kin. Thats where you, Arkenstone come in if you have a rank 6/7+ kin with or without a kinhouse you want off your hands I'll sure as hell take it. I'll compensate you with gold, thanks, and might craft items for trade. Please send mail with the info involving the kin theme (Dwarf, Human, Elf, Hobbit, Mixed), Name, Ect.

Send an in-game mail or tell to the following characters:
Elturok (LVL 45) Hunter
Minijuggernaut (LVL48) Burgler
Thalanir (LVL26) Guardian
Cuddi (LVL8) RK