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    Transcriber's Tool - A Log Editor

    Logs bogging you down?
    Rather spend time RPing than editing logs for your kinship forums?
    Tired of having to sort through all those long paragraphs of already known information just so someone else can read it?

    Well no more!
    Thanks to Diet Coke, sleepless nights of discussing RP events, and my own boredom... I have created the Transcriber's Tool!

    That's right! This handy dandy little program cleans up logs for you!

    Just listen to these happy costumers, and with Three! Yes folks, Three easy payments of $0.00 you could be among them!

    If you don't like it, send it back for a full refund! No questions asked!

    Torogar: It worked really well, I had that [log] posted in like ten minutes.
    Dryce: I don't dread editing logs anymore.
    Celebaeron: I love the Transcriber's Tool it makes my life so much simpler
    Paid Actress: Oh! This program saved my life, I don't know where I'd be without it!

    Note: You will need a .NET framework 4 to run the program if you do not already have it installed.

    Latest Version: 2.0
    Transcriber's Tool

    -Allows for merging of multiple logs with ease.
    -Select the people you want to keep in the log, no more having to worry about pesky NPC chatter.
    -List of all the people present in the log.
    -Auto Double Spacing of all posts upon request.
    -Remove the Double Spacing between posts of the same person.
    -Remove name of person from multiple posts
    -Copy to Clipboard for easy Forum posting.
    -Include a list of all characters kept in the log when copying if desired.
    -Remove OOC (( )) comments
    -Remove Tells
    -Manual Edit option

    Any other features are more than welcome to be suggested, and if possible in a uniform matter, I will be glad to work on them in my spare time.

    Should you enjoy this program so much you wish to Donate you are more than welcome to.
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    Re: Transcriber's Tool - A Log Editor

    Hate to be the only one to give at least, one engative facet of this program out.

    As happens every now and then, between two people bickering about a "he said" "she said" which is common enough. Usually in these circumstances when the two can;t work it out between them, I say ''screenshots, or didn''t happen.''

    Tis the only way to keep objective. Both must send screens, not just one, as I must see if they are edited.

    I got back 2 sets of logs from the players who both were using this program.

    They were very different from eachother...

    The logs are editable (thumbs down), I can see all the IC RP bonus, but ooc, screenshots are still more useful for administrative purposes.

    So as usual when I suspect edits from the original, the most objective thing I can do (siding with friends vs strangers is just stupid, who is to tell the strangers less honest than your friend?) was to tell em to move on and forget it.
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    Re: Transcriber's Tool - A Log Editor

    Dude... you understand that this program is meant as a tool for RP purposes, right?

    Nowhere does it make any statement, implied or otherwise, that it's for recording evidence. It's not like they need logs anyway, seeing that the folks at Turbine are able to pull your logs and check them themselves if the situation actually calls for it. The logs are basically just text files anyway, if I wanted to forge them, I wouldn't need any program other than notepad to do it.

    Perhaps it would be best just to focus on what it is for and what it can do. The program isn't capable of grilling me a cheeseburger, but I'm not too do down on that seeing that's not what it was intended for to begin with.

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    Re: Transcriber's Tool - A Log Editor

    Yeah...Tru pretty much nailed what I was going to say, but just for the hell of it:

    This program is on the Roleplaying forums and is designed to help you edit RP logs. This isn't a tool for "he said, she said" situations. As Tru pointed out, logs are entirely worthless for that due to the fact that anyone can edit them. They are .txt files. All this program does is help you edit the file for convenience of reading/posting to websites.

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    Re: Transcriber's Tool - A Log Editor

    Oops, that's me above. Was logged into my secondary account. Don't want anyone to think I'm hiding or something. I stand by what I said above.

    ~Rhysati Joulette of Landroval

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    Re: Transcriber's Tool - A Log Editor

    I do believe you misinterpreted he situation.

    I never suggested this as an OOC tool, nor did I know of this tools existence until others had used it to log, and edit logs, of an ooc argument. (aka, i was NOT the one who decided to use it as an ooc he said she said tool, the two offenders decided to)

    I'm saying the possibility of mis-use is there, not saying its a horrible tool, never said that, never implied it.

    Good for its created purpose, but, the creator obviously cannot dictate its use. Made for roleplaying, yet two have displayed its use elsewhere at minimum already.

    And this was one negative occurrence where people can alter the true logs to their advantage.

    A role-play can do the same if those present aren't in the know, bob can change adventuring gladly with ken, into, ken being a fool and misadventuring off a cliff.

    Thats all.

    Just pointed out the experience of its mis-use and how it can apply.

    Not void. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just a bystander in this event who was hit with it.

    Apologies for any misunderstanding.
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