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    Kinship: The house Targaryen
    Leader: Wolffis

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    Sep 2010
    Please update

    Kinship: Challenge Accepted
    Leader: Benordis

    Benordis LvL 105 Champion - Beniso LvL 105 Minstrel - Benisia LvL 105 Burglar - Bengrit LvL 105 Rune-keeper - Beney LvL 105 Guardian

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    Mar 2007
    1 High Road, Brougham, Bree
    Bumpdated Feb 20th 2014!

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    Jan 2014
    kinship: warriors of middle earth Leader: Patike No website

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    Apr 2007
    The current leader of Swifty and Hammo is Wulfy
    Sig looked hideous so I sent it to its room. It can come back and
    show off after it has thought about what it did.

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    Mar 2007
    1 High Road, Brougham, Bree
    Grats Wulfy! Essayons!
    List is currently being reviewed and updated! Be sure to check your current info to get it current for the Spring and Lotro's 7-year Anniversary!

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    Mar 2008
    Tribe: Morgul Blades

    Leader: Bloodloaf

    Website: http://morgulblades.guildlaunch.com

    Some Uruks rank so slow it would impress the Ents themselves.

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    Heart of the Dunedain.

    Fresh, active kin with consistent players who are all willing to help out - we have a whole range of players from level 10-20 right up to level-cap. Only requirements are that you must be 16+ as we want to maintain our friendly, mature environment. Open to all aspects of the game incl. RP/crafting/raids and we have a lot of kinnights, which have turned out to be pretty fun and a break from the level grind.


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    Mar 2007
    1 High Road, Brougham, Bree
    NEW! To get the word out about your Kinship or you're looking for one in game, I have created the new
    Global Looking For Kinship channel! Simply /Joinchannel GLFK and post your Kin's recruiting blurb
    or your character info/what kind of Kin you're looking for! (Just don't over-spam the info/questions lol)

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    Defenders of Edoras
    Leader: Alinarda

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    Company of the Broken Ring

    Leader: Emannuil

    Contacts: Coeferth, Brithiarwen, Gilram, Jeredon, Kolloth, Isemay, Atomiccascade

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    We're a Genious

    Kin Leader: Knurdd

    Contacts: Russelcrowe, Knurdd, Defensivestance, Missbhavn, Aadonis

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    Into The Flame

    A PvP kin with a ton of experienced players that will do PvE runs on the side for equipping and sheer fun!

    Leader: Deok

    Contacts:Lillyn, Chelita

    website :http://intotheflame.guildlaunch.com/

    email: into.the.flame.arkenstone@gmai l.com

    Freeps- Deok lvl 95 Hunter
    Creeps - Cintona Rank 11 Darkblits Rank 7

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    Durin's Hope

    Leader Kirdi


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    Greenwood Host, relaxed raiding + optional RP, social and casual elements also. Bit of everything - geared towards players who find it difficult to join fellowship runs (whether for lack of gear or experience, or just plain ol' shyness!) and we aim to encourage and build a strong raiding team.

    Led by Elenitirantes & Doronthanir

    Site here.

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    Dec 2007
    east coast places
    Nine Fallen Kings leader Cataleyana. Other officer contacts Brevo laureanor alkapone trystren jote Emillyn mysticone megmefin
    Cappy 13. other classes that aren't geared and even trashier than my captain.
    Creeps: BA 11 (Gladden)

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    What about us?

    I believe this list to be incomplete...

    What about...

    Hunters of the West
    Two or More Gathered
    Middle Earth Elites
    There are several others that don't seem to be included here...

    Please update soon,

    Kinsman of Hunters of the West
    Kinsman of Hall of Fire
    Albedeous of Arkenstone and Viyla

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    Add my kinship!

    Hello, I created my kinship, Two or More Gathered last year and I would like it added to the official kinship list.

    Two or More Gathered, http://twoormoregathered.guildlaunch...php?gid=449935

    We are always recruiting those who love to have fun. Send me an in game mail to Thorflak. also officers are lenggalal/lengalal, arothe, heerowingzeero, galogar, and duincar.
    Also, you can apply to the kinship on the above website.

    My kinship loves to raid, do instance, have fun, and play PVP
    Last edited by ranogian; Jan 19 2015 at 08:26 PM.

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    Please Update

    Legion of the White Wizard

    Leader: Amalasan

    Site: www.facebook.com/groups/LegionoftheWhiteWizard


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    Kin: Eternal Destiny

    Leader: Mnimriel

    Website: www.eternaldestinyguild.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Etern...33922863386564

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    Sep 2007
    Chesapeake Beach, MD

    Children of Illuvatar

    Theoandor - Leader of Children of Illuvatar.
    Soloing Middle Earth since '07.
    Currently recruiting for Children of Illuvatar. Send tell in game or message on forums for more information regarding kin membership!

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    Alliance of Hope

    Kin: Alliance of Hope
    Leader: Aldebrynt
    Alternate contacts: Gekskaldir, Skulldragger, Beredirr, Khazhadar, Angaromer, Elhariel, Eluthien
    Facebook - Alliance of Hope - Arkenstone

    If you Could please update

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    Mar 2007
    1 High Road, Brougham, Bree
    Apologies for the long delay in updating, been grinding that annoying ### MMO called Reality. Endgame sucks.

    Welcome to all the people transferring over for the Great Merging! We hope you enjoy our server.

    Arkenstone - where we put the "fun" in "dysfunctional"!

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    Aug 2008
    Great to have you back, Arkhon!

    Thanks so much for creating and maintaining kin info.

    Ride out with me ....
    Ride Out and Meet Them !

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    Apr 2007
    Naracoorte SA, Australia
    Tol Acharn will be transfering when they open from Landy to Ark.

    Small AU based kin of friends looking for more players.

    Casual grouping and instance runs.

    Hit up and of my alts when we transfer.
    Have you had yours today?
    Arenuil, Arenthelion, Arenthelias, Arenthalion, Eoshaun, Frieson, Atsushi, Ariyaa, Yukei.


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