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    Post Official Arkenstone Kinship List

    Welcome to Arkenstone!

    Are you new to our server? Just starting out or transferring for the Great Merging? Looking for an active Kinship but don't know where to start? Run a Kin and want to get the recruiting word out? This thread is for all of those things and more. I do my best to keep this list updated and accurate for the benefit of all of us on the 'Stone, so be sure to post here, PM me, or look for me in game if you would like to have your Kinship listed and/or would like to update your Kinship's info!

    If you would like to add or update your info here on the forums, let me know your Kin name, Leader, Website, and Recruiting Thread link (if any). Feel free to post any additional info in your request such as Officers, Contact Info, or Kin Focus (Raid, PvMP, Casual, etc).
    PvMP Creep Tribes in

    **New/Old Thing! Since the population has grown nicely we're going to necro the old GLFK (Global Looking For Kinship) channel we used way back in the day. Simply /joinchannel GLFK and use it to advertise your Kin/Tribe or to find a new one for those looking. Helps keep the spam out of /World and the world out of Kin Findering. Yup, that's a word now.**

    Kinship/Tribe ------- Leader ------- Website

    *Alliance of Hope -- Aldebrynt -- http://AllianceofHope.Guildlaunch.com/

    *All the King's Men

    *Anglachel's Warriors -- Marancil

    *Antisocialnetworking -- Alzeria


    *AracnophobiA -- Sylreth

    *Arda Shrugged -- Gildhur

    *Ascension -- Asce-Khaurin -- http://theAscension.Guildlaunch.com/

    *Aurora Australis -- https://www.AAogc.com.au/

    *Avatars of Lost Light

    *Baruk Khazad -- Gawalin

    *Bringers of the Dawn -- Mendle

    *Ce Na Meldir -- Vulfen -- http://www.CeNaMeldir.net/

    *Children of Illuvatar -- Theoandor -- https://www.Facebook.com/groups/201251353253304/

    *Chivalry and Pride -- Joincee -- http://ChivalryandPride.Guildlaunch.com

    *Corruption Syndicate -- Kelleran -- http://CorruptionSyndicate.Guildlaunch.com/

    *Co'Sang -- Ltkaka

    *Darkest Hour -- Redcoat -- www.DarkestHourLotro.shivtr.com

    *Death's Bane -- Dulli

    *Defenders of Arda -- Dirkwine

    *Echoes of Gondamon -- Alisawyn

    *Eldar -- Glielhry

    *Elenyali -- Beenepole

    *Endsong -- Eliseria -- http://Endsong.Guildlaunch.com/?gid=...bbeb19f1b5d0d6

    *Eternal Destiny -- Mnimriel -- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Etern...33922863386564

    *Defendors of the Greyflood

    *Garrison of the Brave -- Adinria

    *Gods Don't Bow

    *Guardian Of The Free Peoples -- Dobraine -- Gotfp.Enjin.com

    *Guardians of the Forsaken Woods -- Silimaethuil

    *Guardians Of The White Tree -- Malene -- http://TheNewGotwt.Guildlaunch.com

    *Hall of Fire -- http://HallofFire.Darkhand.org/

    *House of Frosted Glass

    *Hunters of the West -- Elvellon -- http://HuntersOfTheWest.Guildlaunch....php?gid=495773 - https://Facebook.com/Hotwk

    *Iluvatar's Chosen

    *Insurrection -- Skeletorithalion

    *Into the West -- Missletoe -- IntoTheWest.Guildlaunch.com

    *KAOS -- Voalden -- http://KhansoftheAncientOathSworn.guildlaunch.com

    *Leaders of The Path -- Aegalafin -- https://www.Facebook.com/groups/457309330957958/

    *Leaf Walkers -- Jarlyst -- http://LeafWalkers.Guildlaunch.com/

    *Legion -- Gadara -- http://LegionofAckenstone.guildlaunch.com

    *Legion of the White Wizard -- Amalasan -- www.facebook.com/groups/LegionoftheWhiteWizard

    *Lords Of A Fallen Empire -- Lyravven and Cura -- http://www.LordsofaFallenEmpire.Guildlaunch.com

    *Lost Souls -- Tiandra

    *Midnight Marauders -- http://TheMidnightMarauders.Guildlaunch.com/

    *Morgul Blades -- Omani -- http://MorgulBlades.Guildlaunch.com

    *Never Fail

    *No Country for Old Elves -- Lilissandriel

    *Noldor -- Wootie -- http://theNoldor.Guildlaunch.com

    *Nurtale Valinoreva -- Syssa -- https://www.Facebook.com/groups/202713953082217/

    *Oathbound of the Dúnedain -- Beldonis -- http://OathboundKin.Shivtr.com

    *Off Peak

    *OzRaid -- Sethco -- www.OzRaid.com

    *Phoenix Rising -- Horddin

    *Pipeweed and Ale

    *Pipeweed and Mead -- Jhwen

    *Rare Breed/The Inbreeds -- Hafwen -- RareBreed.Guildlaunch.com

    *Rising Phoenix -- Unitsi -- www.rpge.net

    *Roxxi Manor -- Hardiroxx -- www.RoxxiManor.com

    *Sauron's Nightmares -- Caskey

    *Second Breakfasts -- Shanah

    *Shadow and Flame -- Maragold -- http://ShadowandFlameKinship.Guildlaunch.com

    *Shadowfall -- Kyralis

    *Shadows Of Eriador -- Arkhon -- www.ShadowLotro.com

    *Southern Cross -- Johnnyalpha -- http://scross.guildlaunch.com/?gid=114938

    *Southern Star -- Scruffynerf -- http://WanderingStars.Forumotion.com/

    *Swifty And Hammo -- Wulfy -- www.SwiftyandHammo.com

    *Swords and Spirits -- Edwardus -- http://SwordSpirits.Guildlaunch.com/

    *Tempest's Spine -- Trissah

    *The Eregion Guardians -- Zanorra -- http://EregionGuardians.Guildlaunch.com/

    *The Golden Khanate -- Dwayne

    *The Haruchai and The Elohim -- Eluros -- www.HaruElo.com

    *The Hand Of Retribution -- Thargrim -- http://Thor.Guildportal.com

    *The House Targaryen -- Wolffis

    *The Last Great Alliance -- Dmitrion

    *The Meaning Of Haste -- Massakre -- www.Tmoh.Guildlaunch.com

    *The Order of Fate -- Baldrix -- http://Toof.Guildlaunch.com/

    *The Osgiliath Guard -- Mellanah / Derketo / Osdor -- http://www.TheOlderGamers.com/Forum/

    *The Red Guard -– Solarien

    *The Riders Of Rohan -- MacMerkin -- http://RidersofRohan.Guildlaunch.com/

    *The Strength of the Heir -- Joego -- http://TheStrengthOfTheHeir.Guildlaunch.com/

    *The Thieves Guild -- Nicademis -- https://www.Facebook.com/TheThievesGuildOfArkenstone/

    *There & Back Again -- Delca -- https://www.Facebook.com/ThereAndBackAgin

    *Tol Acharn -- Arenuil -- http://TolAcharn.Guildlaunch.com/

    *Tomb Raiders -- Tanthalias -- https://www.Facebook.com/groups/171972669509990/

    *Two or More Gathered -- Thorflak -- http://TwoOrMoreGathered.Guildlaunch...php?gid=449935

    *We Fight For Food -- Sibba -- http://www.WeFightForFood.com

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