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    The Arkenstone broke, please find a jeweller.

    Currently I am experiening the following myself:
    -Housing neighbourhoods cannot be accessed through the entrance or ports.
    -Rivendell cannot be accessed through swift travels or riding through the valley.
    -Angmar cannot be accessed through swift travels (riding through north downs seems to work here).

    And there are lots of more issues mentioned by people in world chat.

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    That might explain why my wife's character that logged out in the Elf housing area and cannot log in now.

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    People are also having issues in Rohan and Gondor (unable to enter/leave areas). So it seems to affect entire middle earth.

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    all 10 of my chrs are logged out at home... can't log in any

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    Thumbs down Unable to log onto characters in Shire Homestead

    I'm unable to log onto characters left at home in the Shire Homestead (Belhop) on Arkenstone. I am able to log onto characters left in the Shire Homestead on a different server.
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    Looks like it's been taken down to fix the issue, but some kind of announcement about when it's come back would be nice.

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    yeah,an announcement would have been nice.at least
    some kind of post of whats up,been looking for one
    since i tried to log and got "world closed" instead.

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    Hmm. Seems I can log in again now ... but had to restart the launcher (kept giving me "getting in line to connect" before).



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