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    Tolkien's Army of Middle Earth (TAME)

    Tame is a very laid back and casual kin. However those terms get overused and can be quite subjective, so I'll try and describe what TAME has been in the time I've been a part of the kin.

    - We think crafting is important. To support our crafters we have a monthly crafting day where mats are borrowed, professions are shared, and wares are sold at kin level pricing over the weekend.

    - We think fishing is important. We have a 50 pound salmon hanging in the kin house. New kin members also get a Fish TAMEr (+5 to fishing) pole when they join up.

    - We think Questing is important. We have some veteran players that love to help with information, strategy, and may even pick up a sword if the need arises to help those that need it.

    - We think the story is important. Our forum ranks are based on the lore inspired by Tolkien's works and we have a few impromptu trivia quizzes in kin chat from time to time.

    - We think raiding is important. We have taken down every instance in this game with 100% all kin participation save the 12 man BG run. (which is now on our calendar). If you visit our site... note the progression calendar was reset this year. Some runs show as incomplete. Any bosses marked off at this time have been cleared in the past 2 months. On the calendar for this week, at the time of this posting is... CD, SG, Dungeons, BG, and Turtle.

    - We think games are important. We have lotteries and events held in game. We also have games on our website that cover multiple styles of play. (screen shot contests, 3 word stories, "where am I" games, motivational posters, design us a logo... etc.)

    - We think communication is important. In addition to our rank 10 kin house for events and the kin chat that comes standard, we have a guildlaunch website with forums, calendar, and a vent server for use whenever desired.

    - We think learning is important. Our kin members run instances with patience and won't hesitate to explain strategy, traits, skills, or answer any questions that arise. We simply ask that people follow the instructions of whomever is leading the current run and give it their best effort. Our forums also house some discussions over instance strategy, class builds, skill rotations, and all the geeky fun stuff we like to talk about while we can't be in game.

    - We think rewards are important. We don't use DKP. We like to remind everyone of special gear drops and we ask everyone to withhold loot roles on things they cannot use. Class specific items tend to go to the classes present on the run. We run things like VM, skum, HoC, SG, and 2.6.8 for those farming for that special piece. We have deed nights when someone needs that last mile for the rare mounts or the traits they want.

    - We think our members are important. Its who we are... the sum of our members. And we want each person to log in and enjoy their time in game. Low drama is maintained by two simple rules. The first is kin-wide content. We ask that people posting publicly be respectful of those around. This means no adult content. Minor slips are tolerated, there isn't a ban-hammer But an effort to be respectful of others is required. The second is a respect of items and kin member's time. No loot hoarding from kin runs and buying up or asking for lots of pricey 'gifts' from your kin members. We have some wonderful kinnies and we like to protect them from folks that might potentially take advantage of that. We encourage everyone to ask for what they need. We even have a forum just for that... but we ask for consideration in mats and volume.

    - We think your time is important. We use a calendar to organize events and no one is ever required to participate in something that they don't want to. We like active members, but we understand that real life is everyone's first priority and that things happen outside of your control. We also realize that this game offers alot and we won't pressure you to spend your time in ways that aren't fun to you.

    We are looking for TAME-ish individuals to fill out our ranks a little. The population currently varies. We completed a full DN run just this past weekend, but still see lulls in online activity. We would like some crafters, some questers, some groupies, some soloers, some raiders, someone to tell clean jokes in kin chat... we want folks that enjoy this game in ANY of the many ways that it can be enjoyed.

    If you are interested in joining TAME or have questions, please visit the website or contact Prettyface or any officer in game. We think alts are important too, so apply via the site or send an in game mail if you don't see anyone on

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