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    Children of Arda - an RP kin for all your needs!

    Greetings, travelers!

    I am Lindethiel Tindomerel, minstrel and head chef of our humble house. You, however, may call me Lin. I know elven names can seem complicated for many simpler folk.

    We, the 'Children of Arda', are always looking for new peoples to join our home. Shadows grow in the East, and battles ravage homes of once peaceful Men, Hobbits, Dwarves and Elves. While you might think yourself mighty enough to do battle on your own, 'tis never a weakness to have friends at your side or a house for the night. Our family is always around to help one another, whether in combat or crafting or simply the gathering of information.

    If you are interested to hear more about us, or think you should like to join our home, please contact either Lindethiel, Zhie, Ellonur, Baythul or Merrila.

    May the stars shine brightly upon your path,

    ((Children of Arda is medium to heavy RP kin, though we cater to all levels of experience. We have a kinhouse and our own personal forum. Some of our members did not even know what RP meant when they first met us, and now they love to participate. Some of our members are tabletop vets.

    We are casual, and don't have requirements of time, RP, money, or level. We believe real life should always come first, and that a game should be fun, not work.

    We use kinchat for OOC, and encourage RP to be done in /say. That way, if you just want to relax after work and chat about your day, there's no pressure. But if you're looking to hang out IC, you can find someone to hang out with and venture forth, bringing others into your madness (perhaps) as well!

    If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to help.

    Kinsite: http://childrenofarda.shivtr.com/))
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    Children of Arda, an RP kin for all your needs!
    Member of the Player Council -- please feel free to send PMs or in-game messages.



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