Update 2 (Echoes of the Dead) is now available for testing on Bullroarer. This is an update many have long awaited. It includes Volume 3 Book 3 of the epic story, the removal of radiance, an update to the legendary item system, level 65 first-age legendary items, five new cap-level dungeons, and a revamp of Volume 2 of the epic story. The latter is the item of most interest to the skirmisher, as the Volume 2 revamp includes converting the battle instances in Chapter 2.5.5 into skirmishes.

The 2.5.5 update is the first example where an existing quest instance has been converted into a skirmish. Or, more accurately, the first three examples, as you need to complete three instances to complete 2.5.5. Each of the three battle instances in this chapter is now a skirmish.

Pineleaf tries these three new skirmishes on the Bullroarer server and shares his experiences.

  • Battle of the Deep-way
  • Battle of the Ways of Smiths
  • Battle of the 21st Hall

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