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Thread: Never fear

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    Never fear

    The balrog has been slain!

    At approximately 11:00 PM (Eastern time) today, the Balrog was downed for the first time on Imladris! What started out as an open raid a few weeks a while ago became a soon close-knit group of adventurers, seeking glory, fame

    and a really, really big sword. We have to compensate.

    But thank you very much to everyone who made this possible! While not everyone who helped got the title, your efforts have not been for naught-- Thaurlach has been slain.

    Thank you to:

    Essence (My Raid co-leader, and great healer and burg!)

    Those were the people from the original group that were able to make it all the way!


    These three helped us down the Balrog himself! While they weren't there on initial runs, they did come for the full run on the second run through, and proved their worth.

    And of course, we cannot forget to specially thank:


    While unable to have finished the run, they did help the group come together as a whole, and did spend the time to help us get there.

    Again, a big and hearty thank you to EVERYONE who came out to my raid, and made it a success. Onwards, to Thorog in Helegrod, and further adventures!

    Your Friendly, Neighbourhood Trololo-Lore-Master,
    Raymin Anorchrist


    Vanquisher of Thaurlach. 8D

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    Re: Never fear

    And of course we need the pics!

    The group posing in front of the felled Balrog.

    Check out those awesome titles!

    TABA's kinhouse has a new lawn ornament!

    Awesome run with great players!

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    Re: Never fear

    Woot was fun!

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    Re: Never fear

    thanks Raymin for leading this amazing raid

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    Re: Never fear

    Was an awesome run, good job with all those involved. Vedi, Veni, Veci.

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    Re: Never fear

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    Re: Never fear

    grats! Great to see you down him in the end .

    and as an aside, good to see level 50 content still getting a workout and being fresh again on a new server with a bunch of new players.

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    Re: Never fear

    Cheers on giving me some credit... I'm very glad you guys managed to finish it!

    I learnt a lot from this (and the previous) run and am glad that I could have been a part of this...

    cheers to Raymin and Essence for their experience and help throughout this run!

    Love you all!


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    Re: Never fear

    I remember the old SoA days, where after weeks, and weeks, and weeks of trying, we were finally able to defeat THRANG, and even face off against the Balrog. But now, the circle has been completed, and I got to corpse-jump the Balrog! Yay.

    Thank you to Raymin and Essence for their sage-knowledge and good humors, and to the rest of our motley crue for being so amazing

    Kalfon, where's that pizza?

    <3 Butters

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    Re: Never fear

    *points to Arth's new wicked cool cloak* oooooh aaaaaah

    Great job all. It was a ton of fun & I can't wait to see you all at the next raid!

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    Re: Never fear

    Lucela can has locks?

    BRB Soloing Balrog.
    Lucela - 65 Burglar (Imladris) -- Lollerskates R3 Warg (Imladris)

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    Re: Never fear

    Well congrats to you all for accomplishing this ^^ Hope to see more threads like these ^^ I enjoyed following you all on the forum




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