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    Champ and Burglar looking for a kin


    To be more specific I am new to MMO's. I am a huge Tolkien fan (love Tolkien lore) and love this game. I have a 32 champ an 21 burglar. I'd call the burg my alt, but it's starting to become my preferred character to play lately. I have a wonderful son and I usually get online 4-6 times per week after his bedtime starting around 9pm central and going until about 12-1am. So, I'm usually playing a good 3-4 hours at a time. I work M-F std hours and like to log off by 12-1am unless it's Fri or Sat night. I almost always play with a beer by my side too. Love good beer and brew my own when I'm feeling up for it. My schedule is kind of random considering my wife and son are my first priority.

    I am looking for a mature kin that is willing to deal with a newb. I do catch on pretty quick though (at least, I think I do!) and I'm very willing to help when I can (so many people have helped me already and I want to give back where I can).

    I am pretty laid back and love helping people out whether it be with items, crafting, or questing. I love the crafting aspect of the game. Champ focuses on weaponsmithing and burglar focusing on farming and cooking.

    Lastly, I'd be willing to use my champ or burg whenever needed. I really enjoy playing both characters, but I love the idea of starting FM's with the burg! I'm a big fan of the debuff skills the burg has, I guess.

    Bottom line - I'm a genuine dude looking for a mature kin probably leaning on the casual side for the most part. Let me know if you have a kinship that I'd be a good fit for. My post is prompted by the fact that I'm ready to start grouping more often. I have been soloing for near 2 months just trying to learn the in's and out's of the game. I do have group experience, I just am now starting to look for people to group with on a reg basis.

    Take care.
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    Re: Champ and Burglar looking for a kin

    Man, 46 views and no love?!

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    Re: Champ and Burglar looking for a kin

    You should check out The Riders of Rohan. We have a lot of the things you are looking for in a kin. You can apply at our web site www.ridersofrohan-lotro.com/.

    Welcome to LoTRO!

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    Re: Champ and Burglar looking for a kin

    Thanks! I've been looking for a few weeks now and viewed quite a few websites to try and get a feel for the type of kinships around. It didn't take long after reading your code of conduct and new rider rules on the website that I submitted an application. I think I'd be a good fit and I hope you'll invite me in!



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