Did you mean, you installed LotTo, or LotRo? There is no program that is called lotto that is distributed by Turbine.

Also, this is the subforum for the issues regarding the web page of Lotro, which has an occasional web page lottery running, or not.

Also, the mylotro page was run on the old web page, which is now replaced by this newer web presence. Which means: Ye olde mylotro page is obsolete.

Also, this thread was created in 2011. That is three years ago. You re-awakened it way over time, which is called necromancy.

Also, if it by any chance was LotRo which you wanted to download and install, this is the wrong sub forum. It about this web page only. Yet, the game is not a browser game, so this is the wrong forum.

So, if you want advice, you have to go to the right forum. That is the technical forum, and there to the sub forum for MacIntosh users. (btw: are these still MacIntosh???)

https://www.lotro.com/forums/forumdi...hnical-Support <----- there you will be helped.

Greetings, Polymachos