The Grateful Dead was a very successful kin in Nimrodel. As the server died out a handful of the kins top raiders have moved on to Imladris. We have only recently switched over servers so we have not started raiding quite yet but will soon. We are looking for a few good players to join our ranks. The best fit would be people who have switched over servers like us but it is not required.

We have done all end game raids so there will be no guessing and trying strats to do these raids. Once we have hit raiding level we will hopefully get a few server firsts. Our core members have been playing since early 2008 and have been in our vent for longer so we are a tight knit group and we run our kin the same way with a tight knit raiding group. We find this type of raiding works out best so we don't a big kin just enough to fill out a raid with some extras.

If this looks like something you would like to be a part of send a tell to: