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    Serious player looking for guild :)

    Hi, everyone! :)

    I played WoW for like four long years in serious raiding guilds (not really hard core ones, but serious enough to alwawys clear all content while it was actual content and also have some server first kills), but I decided that it eats too much of my time, so I left Azeroth once and for good and retired to Middle Earth. :)

    When it comes about raids/instances/pvp I'm a serious player - I never miss a raid (and in the unlikely case it happens I always announce the guild leadership that I won't be available), I always respect the scheduled program (if you say that raid starts at 20:00, then at 19:55 I'm online, with gear repaired, with consumables already in my bags and things like this), I always check boss tactics before raid presuming I know in advance where we're going, I spend one hour every day out of game reading about my class and about the game itself trying to improve my play, I use binds and not clicking on skills, I move/turn with mouse and not with keyboard, I'm not backpaddeling (my "s" key is even bound to a skill :P) and generally I don't do noobish things that may cause a wipe or negatively affect the raid in any way. Also I have no problems using voice chat and I already have installed both ventrilo and team speak; on a plus size I will say that most guys said I have a sexy voice and they like me hearing on vent. :)))

    Out of raid I'm a relaxed, funny and easygoing person, and I like to have fun with my online friends; I'm not too much into questing (I like the MMO part more than the RPG part :P), but if anyone needs help I'm always ready to give a hand. Also if there are any guild events (even role playing ones) I love to take part. :)

    I live in Romania (local time is GMT+2) so I would look for a guild that raids at reasonable European hours (my normal play times are 07:00 - 11:00 GMT time, then 19:00- 23:00 GMT time); but eventually I can addapy so what's most important is that I want a guild that actually raids and that has a program; I really can't afford to stay 12 hours online hoping a instance/run/skirmish would be organized; I prefeer a fix program so I know that I can log at that hour and have something to do. :) Also, if possible, I would prefeer a rather small and friendly guild, where people get to know each other, than a huge guild with hundreds of members which is nothing more than another LFF/trade channell. :P

    I'm also a VIP player (paid in advance for 6 months already) and I plan to stay this way, so you don't have to worry about this; I also bought a decent number of TP in advance so if there is any specific "something" I'm requested to buy for LOTRO shop to help me in raids, I will do it.

    My character is:
    http://my.lotro.com/home/character/2...6162587085125/ (level 41 captain)

    She is only level 41 atm, but please take in consideration I started the game only like 15 days ago or so. :)

    Thank you for taking your time to read my application and please drop me a whisper in game (character name: Steelsong) if you have more questions or if you have any offer for me; also feel free to answer here since I will check the thread at least twice per day. :)
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