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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    Quote Originally Posted by Darej View Post
    why not...i for one would not like it one bit if i bought a crafted item with an offensive name on it.

    i dont care if no one else can see it...i can.

    Then don't buy it.

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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?


    Then get someone to make one for you if you actually care about the name. Stupid names is part and parcel of buying on AH.

    Edit: stupid terrible forums and phantom posts.
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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    Quote Originally Posted by GOBiasIndustries View Post
    Then don't buy it.
    i dont....and i report any i find with names that violate the ToS/CoC

    there should be a filter applied to crafted item names

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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    So... example of inconsistent application of policy re: naming conventions.

    I previously had a toon called Rohbinhood... which was abruptly renamed without even a chance to select my own name (yeah, I know, policy). Ultimately I accept that.

    However, now I see people running around with Perspephone (which is from mythology as much as Robin Hood) and Ysatis (trademarked name of a perfume), again violations. Both of which have been reported multiple times, both of which still exist.

    So.... whats the deal? Favoritism? Then there's names like Sheolsurvivor, Robinlocksley, Walkerboh, Awesomesauce, and dozens and dozens of others that ruin immersion for people.

    Turbine, if you're going to be inconsistent, at least act on those that CLEARLY violate the policy, and be fair to ALL of us, not just some.

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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    My name for my mini isn't against lore, i don't think. The fellowship used a certain item that carried their lunch's. I'm also somewhat certain that hobbits used them too. So I named my hobbit minstrel Lunchboxe.

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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    Is this where the glff report-fiends have congregated? Hold on, let me turn off my profanity filter and turn on floaty names and get my report hotkey set up. Alright, let's go, world B).

    It's like people are LOOKING for reasons to be upset. Oh wait, let me justify my name a sec, Tolkien used the term "doom" a LOT, so Doomsie was named as fate-incarnate. Yeah. o_O....

    Play on, fellow gamers, play on .
    Doomsidoo - R5 defiler. DD
    Myfriend - R4 reaver. Ridder

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    Cool Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    i name all my toons with bryan in it because since a kid ive always been very honest(i didnt say a good kid always lol) and a special woman in my life likes honest as well,then you know all my toons and how to find me and such. but to be technical, bryan is a English name like bryant and england stuff i think is very rpg in the terms of kings and queens(history) peace
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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    Tsaurel/Telae - SVP

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    Re: Naming conventions and GM's?

    Quote Originally Posted by Fredelas View Post
    You may wish to reacquaint yourself with the LOTRO Character Naming Policy, which is incorporated in the Code of Conduct, which is itself incorporated in the Terms of Service. You did read this when you signed up, didn't you? (You checked a box saying you did.)

    If you find a name you feel violates these guidelines, you should report it to In-Game Support. A GM will make the final decision (and will not notify you of any action taken). Don't report names that aren't a clear violation, because honestly, GMs have better things to do.
    Even if you do report names its not like they do anything about it EVERY time..i've personally reported many inappropriate names that obviously violate the code of conduct and there is nothing done about it. so i think that with everything going on they should just hire a new team of employees for the gms and customer service representatives. things might actually turn out better



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