We are very pleased to announce that our iPhone/iPod Touch app has been approved for the iTunes app store and is now available for download!

The Casual Stroll to Mordor iPhone app is meant to be a companion app to help you quickly keep up with the goings on of CSTM in one application. Available features include:

  • Up-to-date listing on most current blog posts
  • The most recent podcasts episodes allowing you to stream the episodes on the go!
  • All the roundtable discussions also available for streaming
  • Videos we publish to YouTube for your viewing pleasure
  • I also included a feed of our Twitter updates
  • Easily share articles with your friends on twitter, facebook or by email.

All this for the low-low price of: FREE. Yup, our blog posts and podcasts are free, saw no reason to charge for the app that delivers the same content!

Currently the streaming will only continue while you are in the app and will stop if you close it. It’s something we hope we can fix in the future. Any other thoughts or suggestions are also welcome!

We do have interest in trying other smart phone platforms if at all possible. iPhone was easiest for it since it happens to be devices we own.