About kin:

We started as a small group of friends from other server together. As of today we have approximately 20 real members, not including alts. We cover a large range of levels and classes and have members from the Europe. We are rank 6 atm, waiting for rank 7 to buy kinhouse.
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What we offer:

Daily quests / instance - You need STM ? You need reputation with Galadrim and Meladrim ? We do it everyday !

Ventrilo Server - We have a 25 slot ventrilo server mainly for when we get into the instances and it has really helped with getting to know each other better.

Trait/Book Nights - We are currently having a deed night each week where kinnies can get together in group.

Kinhouse after lifespan 7 - We just wait few days to buy kinhouse.

We are mature, friendly and helpful kinship - most of us playing around 3 years in Lotro, we know game well and we can always help you, we share our experience with you !
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What we need:

We want to invite all class, minimum lvl is 25 and you cannot be a F2P account status.
We are not huge kinship and we wont be, we need just active players to do all instance/raids/deeds etc etc.

If youre interested contact with:
- Joline
- Amnerin
- Tankusia
or Barley