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Thread: Task Board

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    Task Board

    Where is the task board located in Celondim? Or is it in Duillond?

    Thank you

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    Re: Task Board

    The only Task board in all of the Ered Luin is in Gondamon.

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    Re: Task Board

    The only task board in Ered Luin is in Gondamon, give you rep with the dwarves fo Throins Hall... Celondim and Duillond, even being elves places gives you not rep with the only elve faction of Eriador, the Elves of Rivendell... there you should find a task board for them, but you surely will have to wait for 35+... If your toon is an elf and thats why you asking, and thinking ****, I cant build rep with them until that level... dont despair, you get the racial trait for getting there pretty early... so you can go to rivendell at a very early stage, and thats pretty useful, not having to wait for the swift travel at level 40...

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    Re: Task Board

    For all the locations of the Task boards and what creep drops are for what areas, it's easiest just to look up the Task System Guide in the Lorebook while in-game. It saves a LOT of time trying to figure out which drops can be submitted , where the task boards are located, and if they are worth it or not.

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    Re: Task Board

    And if you are willing to investigate plugins, you can check out the DailyTasks plugin available in the Plugins forum.
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