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Thread: World Renowned

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    World Renowned

    Part showing off. Got this about a week ago, and never really got a picture with it. I think it's hideous (you'll see me on Elf Ambassador's Horse more.)

    Part curiosity.

    Anyone else got the horse yet?

    end-note: What the hell is with all the random buckles?

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    Re: World Renowned


    But yeah, it is pretty ugly. The title is the real rewards methinks.
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    Re: World Renowned

    I was excited at first, when I got it, but yeah, the horse is in my top 5 LEAST liked designs. If I could ride on looks alone, it would be the algraig or possibly Mirkwood. The new winter horse looks nice too. I'm not a fan of the go-kart style surrender flag on the mounts.

    As for the title... I changed it when I ran into a few dozen people that had it just on my server, just in my zone, just in my layer, just on in my short play time on the weeknights... While quite an accomplishment at one time... Its really hard to not get at this point. I like the idea of some faction rep coming very easily, but ALL faction rep? Skirmishes, mob kills, item drops, instance rewards, tasks, quest completion...

    I don't mean this to sound like an anti-gratz... I just feel underwhelmed after earning it myself. I'm glad they went this route with rewards, but I still don't feel like there is much to work towards at this point.

    They could also stand to put a reward at completing 400 deeds (aside from unlocking that 10th extra quest slot). Maybe we need a 500 deed reward at this point?

    when it comes to titles... 'Extra' is gonna be hard to beat

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    Re: World Renowned

    I'm not a fan of the design either. The buckles make no sense, and the layout is rather meh. Underwhelming. Although I do like the flags-- Elf Ambassador's Horse is one of my more cherished posessions.

    I don't feel underwhelmed. Imladris is a newer server, meaning I had to grind out all that rep again (Mind you, I finished Algraig before they made it ezmode.) and some people just aren't willing to do that on a brand new server start.

    What DOES piss me off is how Turbine said the TP store horses would NEVER be similar in stats are the ones earned in game-- Steed of Night can go get turned into glue and gelatin.

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    Re: World Renowned

    Actually, I believe that they said they would be selling reputation mounts in the store, but that those mounts wouldn't have the same stats as the ones you could actually earn.

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    Re: World Renowned

    the elf ambassador horse is terrible, i still ride my thorins hall goat even though it has 6% less speed. i dont really notice. the "hard" to get horses should have 200% speed, then it would be worthy of riding.



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