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    The Eriador Patrol -- Non-kin-based RP/Generally Helpful People Group

    Hello, all!
    I'm sure you're sick of me by now, but I'm determined to get in your face a bit more (Hopefully you don't actually feel this way, I'm just kidding )

    Anyway, I've been spending some time on Landroval lately to get some ideas on how to bring more RP to our lovely little server. As you all know, I've been pretty focused lately on two things

    1) Bring more RP to Windfola
    2) Bring the community together a bit more on Windfola

    I have now had an idea on how to do both! At the same time!

    The Eriador Patrol

    The Eriador Patrol is a group of people who are interested in helping not just new players, but players of all level and ability ranges who may need help in various parts of Middle-earth. It is non-kin-based, meaning you don't have to up and leave your current kin to join a new one. Members of the Eriador Patrol are encouraged to role-play (IE, walking around Bree, acting in character, etc) however it is not mandatory.
    Goals of the Eriador Patrol:
    • Help other players in need of questing assistance or advice
    • Promote a more helpful, mature community
    • Encourage role-playing on the Windfola server

    I have created a user channel in-game simply called Eriador. This will allow us to stay organized (Know who each other are, seek out more assistance if required, seek out others to RP with, etc)
    If you would like to be a member, simply PM me on these forums, reply here, or send a mail to one of my characters in game (See my signature).
    Requirements of those in the Eriador Patrol:
    • Keep your 'Advice' channel open in order to give advice
    • Spend a small amount of time in the starter areas assisting new players
    • Put 'Member of the Eriador Patrol' in your character bio
    • Join the Eriador user channel

    I know every well that this may fall flat on its face, but we'll never know if we don't try, right?

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    Re: The Eriador Patrol -- Non-kin-based RP/Generally Helpful People Group

    This sounds like it's right up my alley! Count Moonpetal in!



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