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Thread: Hesitation

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    Hi everyone,
    I've been having a difficult time with hesitation in my game. Is there some way to remedy this? It seems that it takes my character a few seconds to perform a task now and he didn't do that a few days ago. It seems to do this especially when mining for ore. When he used to swing his pick twice to complete his task, it now takes up to 3 1/2 times to complete the same task. Did I do something to cause this problem? If anyone can give me a hint on how to fix this I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks for helping me.

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    If you are trying to mine in an area above your level (i.e. you are lvl 30 and trying to mine in the trollshaws or eregion) it will take you much longer to perform the task. It was implemented along time ago to help eliminate gold spammers (very low level characters mining ore and branches in very high level areas to sell for gold and then sell the gold for real money). It is a bit annoying, but it isn't as bad as some games.
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    Out of curiosity, when was the last time you played the game?
    Because, iirc, back when HD went live in November, they increased the induction time to gather Wood/Ore/Lore from Forester/Prospector/Scholar nodes.

    Other than that, as Ernu suggested, you're not going into a region that's well above your level... Are you?

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    Higher tiers have longer induction times. Higher level gathering tools provide greater reductions in gathering time.

    Odds are you're doing nothing wrong. You're probably just harvesting a much higher level resource than you were before, using the same (old) tools.
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    Further to the above, a Universal Toolkit is an extremely good value investment - costs about 100tp, I think, and can be won in the hobbit lottery as well. It will drastically increase your crafting crits and reduce your mining times.
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    All of the above is good advice. But if by "hitching", you mean that everything just freezes for a second or two... then what you are describing is likely to be local lag. Check to make sure that there aren't any new background tasks that your computer is running. You might try examining your graphics options and turn down some of the more processor intensive things.
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    They increased the time in Helm's Deep. If you had a universal toolkit, before HD it would take one swing of the pick. Now it takes two.



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