A New Kinship Warriors of Bree Land Has Started In Imladris. I Am The Founder/Leader On My Account Racton. Warriors of Bree Land Has 30 Members and is looking for more. My Successor Languldir Has Aided Me Through Out My Travels. I Have 2 Officers. Mokjosenin and Belsambar They Have Both Earned My Trust. Everyone Who Gets Recruited Gets Promoted To Kinsman Or Kinswoman Straight Away. Warriors Of Bree Land Allows All Races And All Classes. The Warriors Of Bree Land Is Based In Bree But Your Actually A Warrior Of Middle Earth. Theres Already A Kinship Called Defenders of Middle Earth So I Couldnt Call The Kinship warriors of middle Earth Otherwise The Kinship Would Get A Bad Reputation For Being Name Copiers. If Your Looking For A Invite Send A Message On The Output Channel Reigonal At Bree Saying Somthing Like "Looking For A Officer In The Warriors of Bree Land Owned By Racton To Send Me Invite" Or Something Like That. Somtime All The Officers May Be Offline (Including my successor and me) So You May Have Wait. Try Sending A Few Messages In Regional. If You Get No Replies Or Invites Then Just Send Me A Message To Lord-Epicness On The Official Website. Thanks. By The Way For The Message To Lord-Epicness Please Include Your Lotro Player Name Thanks!