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    To All Freeps: Work On Your VIRTUES!!

    So, after doing some of my own homework, I've managed to find out that I have been traiting ALL WRONG when hitting up the Ettenmoors. Asking my good buddy, Google, I managed to dig up key traits that I've come to find are great for my play style out in PvMP.

    I have personally traited myself with the following Virtues:


    Using the following Virtue Trait Calculator Tool (http://www.burgzerg.com/virtues), I've found that my current Trait setup gives me the following buffs when all Virtues are maxed out to lvl 10:

    +30 Might
    +45 Agility
    +30 Vitality
    +150 Armor
    +135 In-Combat Morale Regen
    +270.8 non-Combat Morale Regen
    +201 Max Morale
    -5% Incoming Tactical Damage
    +1014 Disease Resist Rating
    -1.5% Incoming Melee Damage
    +62 Max Power

    Curious about how to go about max'ing out your Virtue Deeds? Then check out the LOTRO Wiki:

    Come on, Freeps! Time to get some work done!
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    Re: To All Freeps: Work On Your VIRTUES!!

    Toa, good to see people thinking about this stuff. Not sure about Tolerance though as afaik no creeps dmg is tact based. (maybe a coupla defiler skills...hmmm)

    Anyway humor me and try Empathy, Inno, Valour, Disc, Justice

    +15 Fate
    +450 Armor
    +60 In-Combat Morale Regen
    +676.9 non-Combat Morale Regen
    +1014 Disease Resist Rating
    -6.5% Incoming Melee Damage
    +609 Fear Resist Rating
    +1014 Poison Resist Rating
    +230 Shadow Defence
    +429 Max Morale

    See if you live longer



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