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    Keepers of Helm's Deep

    Greetings, Windfola!

    I am Saora of Mirkwood, co-founder of the recently established "Keepers of Helm's Deep."

    We are a very new kinship and currently boast a rank of 6 and 6 whole members! hehe Though we are a small group, we pride ourselves on being a close and supportive community. We currently have a member-base that ranges from combat levels 7 to 45, and we have crafters of every vocation who are hard at work mastering their tiers.
    We focus heavily on questing, crafting, roleplay, and socializing. We'd like to someday extend our interests into raiding and end-game content as well, but we're just a bit too small and short on levels at the moment. Our primary focus, however, is on each other—our number one goal is to make Middle-Earth a more pleasant and muss-free place to game for all of our members.

    We are always looking for helpful, kind-spirited, and fun-loving members of all levels and subscription types.
    If you are interested in joining Keepers of Helm's Deep, please send an in-game tell to Mathanion, Mosorin, Lightfether, or myself (Saora, Shorra, Silvah, & Siyra). You can also PM me here on the forums.

    If you would like to learn more about our kinship, please visit our KoHD website, found here:

    We are also currently working on our MyLOTRO kinship blog, which can be found here:

    I will be updating this thread as our little kinship grows.
    We look forward to seeing you in Middle-Earth.
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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    All the best in the new year, and hope your little group grows into a great bunch!
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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    We wish you luck!
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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    good luck on your new kin

    and it better be clean when we get there J/K

    but seriously good luck

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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    lol Thanks, everyone. ^_^

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    Thumbs up Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    Hey, we're going to be looking out for you, Bendiklas & Arole are another RL couple on Windfola. We are casual players that enjoy working with others.

    Bendiklas (hunter)
    Arole (Guardian)

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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    Hey Saora!!
    Grats and good luck with the new kin!
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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    Best of luck with your kin
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    Re: Keepers of Helm's Deep

    Thank you, everyone. ^_^

    Gnarishnak, we will certainly keep an eye-out for you in-game. We've been playing this game for quite some time now and still have not met any other RL couples.



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