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    40 Hunter looking ...

    Hello all and thanks for reading.

    I am new to LOTRO but have been playing MMORPG's for quite some time. I have mainly played EQ and was an officer (technically I am still) in one of the largest end game guilds. I dedicated quite a few years to leveling up my toons and helping others do the same. I have also run several raids and helped create raid strategies when I was not a raid leader. I recently stopped playing EQ for several different reasons. To name one I beta tested the new explansion and it sucked.

    I tried a free to play account a few weeks back out of boredom and discovered a game so much better than EQ. For the past few weeks I have been leveling my character up and working on deeds albeit slowing making sure I learn everything there is to know.

    I am looking for a kinship that is BS and drama free. I am also looking for a kinship that is raiding or has aspirations to raid. I would like a place that respects the fact that sometimes, I just like to solo (that doesn't mean I won't help someone in need though). I am a quick learner and willing to show my dedication to any kinship willing to take me on.

    Please feel free to reply here or catch up with me in game. My toons name is Grimsim.

    Thank you

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    Re: 40 Hunter looking ...

    Hello, you might want to check us out http://www.themeaningofhaste.net/
    Arkenstone [url]www.tmoh.guildlaunch.com[/url]
    Elricord rank 11 level 75 guard GM weaponsmith
    BlackHollow rank 7 Level 75 Captain, Cordie Rank 6 RK

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    Re: 40 Hunter looking ...

    Glad tidings, Grimsim!

    We'd be glad to welcome you into The Last Hope. Though we do raids, we also have many casual players. We operate on a Need Before Greed approach and do not tolerate drama --- frankly, we've not had any to quell in quite some time. The Last Hope is a long-standing, top-ranked kinship. We do require that our members be at least age 18.

    Please visit our website for more information or contact any of our officers at your leisure. I look forward to making your acquaintance.


    If you find yourself leaning more toward those Hasties, I'd be quick to tell you that you'd be in good company there as well.
    Alasse Megilindir, Minstrel
    Swifty and Hammo
    Kinship of Arkenstone, founded by Hobbits in April 2007 and still going strong!



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