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    Thumbs up Freep Virtue Info

    Thought I would share my 2p on moors virtues.
    There are some newer people who may find them useful - there are older people who may have an angle I have yet to realise.

    My opinions are based on Virtue Breakdown from the Warden forum. But the theory holds true across most classes AFAIK. I would READ THIS 1ST.

    5 Virtues
    2/3 will be class specific - DISCIPLINE/DETERMINATION/WISDOM/IDEALISM to boost your DPS depending on your class.
    The other 2/3 then become the ones you slot to stay alive in the moors...

    No. 1 Empathy = Armour Value = look at the thread i linked above.
    No. 2 Valour = Morale
    No. 3 Loyalty = Vit + more armour value.

    Why not Innocence?

    Rank 10 Inno = approx -5% inc. melee dmg. If you have 7000k morale 5% is 350 morale...about the same as rank 10 Valour but the dmg you take in the moors is not all melee , firedots, poison, ranged etc makes Valour a clear choice over Innocence.

    In PvE Inno is great. A long fight you get healed a lot and effectively have 20k+ morale. 5% of that is well above Rank 10 Valour.

    These are PvP virtues

    With the store and Stat upgrades potentially you may not need to slot Determination as a hunter for arguments sake. So why not Justice or Loyalty? Stack your morale, you don't generally get much in the way of heals and if you have good gear the +30 might be overkill.

    I have tried Fortifying food, + Rank 10 Honour and still got the same number of poisons from spiders. I wouldn't slot Charity for BA dots or Honour for spider dots.

    In conclusion

    Look at the above post it makes for very interesting reading for PvP and PvE virtues.
    Stack morale NOT at the expense of stats BUT once your DPS stats are up and over 600.
    Slot Empathy, armour value makes a big difference.

    Hit hard, hit quickly and have enough morale to burn them down before they burn you down.

    RAWR - can't w8 for winter break to end...farm An while you can

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    Re: Freep Virtue Info

    Another 2 cents: shadow defense can be really helpful if you have an idea what types of creeps you'll be fighting. Based on that Innocence can be good. Poison resist + shadow defense + melee defense isn't a bad thing if you know what you'll be fighting - if you're not getting poisoned or fighting wargs, though, not worth it.



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