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    Any small, mature kins out there?

    Hi there,

    I'm new to LOTRO but not to online gaming. I'd like a small group of mature people to chat with while I grind, group with to have fun, and get to know to help me learn how to enjoy the game more. The perfect guild for me would be a 21+ (or equivalent behaviorally) with 15 extremely active members (on daily for a few hours a night). If you think this fits your description, or even if you're pretty close, please mail or send tell to Stiggy.

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    Re: Any small, mature kins out there?

    I am also new here. I haven't joined a kin. I mostly duo with a long time friend. We are both Eastern Time though.

    I will be watching your thread to see if you get any interesting responses. It looks like you are looking for about the same thing I am looking for.

    Feel free to add me in game and maybe our playtime will overlap. I have 2 chars, both just starting out. A lvl 17 hobbit minstrel tinker Magala, and a lvl 11 elf champion woodsman Rhiana.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Any small, mature kins out there?

    I would like to extend an invitation for you folks to check out our kin, the Tarciryan Knights. We have roughly 120 total characters including alts (roughly 60-80 physical members) and are a very active kin. We are very close knit and very welcoming to new players.

    We typically have anywhere from 20-30 folks online at a time every day, our playtimes are mostly Evenings EST.

    Our members are very mature as well, we do enjoy adult humor but keep things family friendly within chat. We do not allow profanity or political/religious debates and really enjoy eachothers company in spirit of the game.

    If you have any questions or would like to speak with us, add myself, Danigar and Navarra or speak to any Knight (Do a LFG Search for "Tarciryan Knights" lvl 1-65) and you'll find plenty of us to talk to.

    [CENTER][font=arial][size=2][color=#4a618f]Arenthil Val'dun - Warden[/color][/size] [color=#75858d][url=http://tarciryanknights.com]Tarciryan Knights - Imladris[/url][/color]
    [size=1][color=silver]"When the Great Sea stirs and darkness falls over Gondor, we shall answer with blood, sweat, and steel. “[/color][/size][/font][/CENTER]

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    Re: Any small, mature kins out there?

    I will also extend an invitation to check out the kin The Dark Court. We are a small, friendly and helpful lifespan 7 kin with a kin house. We have about 10 active members, many of which have a good assortment of alts. A majority of us are from the EST as well. We have a few higher level chars, but most of us are mid 20s just playing casually. If you're interested, send a tell or mail to Gilanna, Jaenelle, Cassidy, Chaosti or Geoffrey and we'd be glad to answer any questions you have! Thanks!

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    Re: Any small, mature kins out there?

    Ranger Of The north fit wath u ask for,send a tell to spandex,adanionras or ranvorn for more info

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    Re: Any small, mature kins out there?

    Tired of babysitting?

    "I Am Hot You are not" Is an "M" rated kinship.
    This category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. May be suitable for persons ages 17 and older.

    Feel free to contact us.

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    Question Re: Any small, mature kins out there?

    Hey guys! Join the Warriors of Bree-Land ,if you want to join please ask me to send an invite or an invite in-game. Also once you joined, we also have a community kinship website, visit www.warriorsofbree-land.webs.com for more info. We are now turning Life span rank 5 and would glad to have more members....so far we have over 55.
    Please join,
    Languldir, officer



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