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Thread: Fornost.

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    Post Fornost.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this so apologies in advance, but how come no one ever wants to do the Fornost instance? Can't seem to get a group together at all. If there are any forumers wanting to go let me know.

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    Re: Fornost.

    It seems to be because there are easier instances to run. A full Fornost run without keys can take about 4 hours, iirc.

    My kin occasionally runs through there, hit me up in game.
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    Re: Fornost.

    Like Damien said it is a time sink that many players can't do due to RL timing issues...and the fact that the reward vs time spent isn't equal. There are usually other things to do that are faster and more worth it, but it is a shame since Fornost is a well known place in Middle Earth lore. Perhaps if they redid it (along with the now pushed aside North Downs revamp) it could be more worthwhile to go through. The other instance redoes did wonders for their popularity...lets hope they get moving on this one too.
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    Re: Fornost.

    I see what you both mean, last night I finally got into a group for one, and it took a long time. Luckily I picked up the key though. And as far as rewards go, it wasn't worth the time it took except that it brought me to kindred with the Rangers of Esteldin. Thanks for your replys guys.



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