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Thread: Warden Help

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    Warden Help

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips for being a warden. I'm just starting out with him so I don't really know what I should be doing with traits and all can some one give me some help like weapons and Crafting Trade.


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    Re: Warden Help

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    Re: Warden Help

    ^ This

    Also, /joinchannel warden, there are a few of us that are normally there to help give advice or feel free to add me to your friends list and ask away.

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    Re: Warden Help

    didnt know about the warden channel... or thought it was wardens... thats why no one was ever in it...
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    Re: Warden Help

    my advice, don't ever ask any questions about wardens in glff. Oh, and I was never here... /shifty eyes

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    Re: Warden Help

    Well I don't know, it depends on how thick your skin is. If you can ask in glff and ignore all the pointless yammering that comes of it and just focus on the helpful people who bother to actually answer your question, then it's fine. hehehe

    Anyway that's cool! I didn't know there was a warden channel. Do we have a list of global channels anywhere?? I don't know how long it'll be til I seriously play my Warden, but I certainly like him. (just have other priorities right now) Good to know there's a nice resource. =D
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    Re: Warden Help

    I am always willing to help out with warden questions. Also very interested in converting Warden haters aswell...send me tells in game!

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    Re: Warden Help

    also happy to help any up-and-coming wardens... we have to work harder then gaurds but i know some tricks that will make you the talk of the town... or raid
    send me a tell ingame

    Also good idea about the channel, i had no idea it even exsisted
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