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    Song Remains the Same

    I've played this game on a few servers over the years (played since beta april '07, left for a year in there, tho) and it's funny, PVP is not a place where everyone goes to "All get along" and you can't seriously expect people to play and die the way YOU want them to play and die.

    The same arguments on the forums have persisted over the years, for the same reasons, with the same outcome...nothing. "Don't take Lugz"..."don't retreat into NPC's when you're about to die"..."wow, 5 on 3 and the 5 hide in EC" (bull****). Come on, guys. Especially those who have come from different servers and know the game and the pvp...IT's ALL THE SAME. And there is nothing you can say or do about it on the forums that will change that.

    Now, if you dont like the way it's done...then don't pvp...or at least come up with concrete ideas to improve it and write the developers. Life and pvp will go on without Treason as it will Torment once they whittle away as they always do. If you feel the need to post comments on the forums about this incident or that incident, understand that you have no idea what's happening on the other side.

    Bottom line is that this is a brand new server and the pvp will take some time to develop as it did on my other servers. Many people come in not knowing a darn thing about whats going on and have to be taught the etiquette and what pvp, lotro-style is. So, do have patience boys and girls...but remember you're bitching and moaning on these forums gets u nowhere...however the odd taunt or two always makes for good fun as long as you keep it fairly impersonal (my opinion anyway) and good-hearted. THAT can make a good pvp environment, not this quibble about what the "other guy" is doing, their fighting style or where they fight.

    BTW, just a footnote...the other day when we took lugz, frankly i had expected more creeps to come and try and stop us...there was, in fact only 5 (maybe 6, can't remember) of us and I even told the guys jump out this window when they come if we start to wipe. Some of my fondest memories of fights were timing the creep or freep invasion (with some timely scouting) for when the tyrant had been pulled. I have seen an entire group of at least 15 wipe with just a couple creeps when trying to take a keep. Also, I love it when keeps flip all the time...we (freeps) come into YOUR neighborhood and try and mess things up. Screw your rez points..it's a pride thing, baby. Who reigns on this day is what it's all about! Also, as far as Grams camping? Again, the title of this post sums it up, been said since day one but it goes both ways...you will see. It's just right now there seems to be a bit of a surging freep population and when that happens less creeps come out to play and sometimes we have to knock on your door to see if you wanna come out and play. I do frown on over-extended camping tho. Once you let em know you're there, maybe more will come to fight you and then I retreat back to a more favorable fighting area. Always remember as the days go by...you creeps keep getting stronger as you rank...we virtually come into the moors and stay the same save for a few minor tweaks and changes...once this happens...tactics and coordination will become paramount for us to do well against the creeps.

    Have fun all! And happy creep hunting!

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    Re: Song Remains the Same

    The reason I request that Lugz remains freep at all times is because I would like the freeps to have a rez and another place other than EC to hide. I hate it when I come out on a creep and the map is blue. The walk from Grams is hell. The ride from GV is equally annoying, but shorter. Plus EC can be rushed, in TR, there is no where for the NPC's to go. Makes for a better place to hole up if they you are being zerged.

    The reason we place these posts on the forum is to make an attempt to form the server into real PvP. Not what the other servers are. We enforce these policies on the field as well as off. We discourage the playstyles that include farming and rez camping.

    We want the server to be fun. Yes, there are going to be people that don't want to play in a way that is fun. There are playing to win, no matter the cost. Understandable. But don't think for a second that I am gonna run from a fight if i have a chance of getting a kill or 2.

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    Re: Song Remains the Same


    As for Nae's post: eh, not so much. It's part of the game. TA flip flops so much, it's part of the game. Just the way things are, yo. I mean, I guess you can suggest all you want, just sayin' that it most likely will fall on deaf ears. Deal with and move on, I say.

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