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    1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    Hey all,
    My hunter main is lvl 56 and as I've been finishing up the Epic line for Vol 1 I came inevitably to One Hope Remains. I was able to get through to the last fight with Mordirith without too much fuss, though figuring out that I should just melee Mordrombor instead of try to shoot at him took me a little while to grasp. But when Mordirith's illusion killed me pretty soon after the battle started and there was no way to get back there before he killed Nam, making me fail the instance and knock me back to the beginning...well I didn't feel like I would do much better trying again solo.
    I imagine some of you have pulled this off though, so I was wondering if there are any worthwhile strats to dealing with Mordirith at the end. I was going to pull a friend along to help, but he's nowhere close to completing vol 1 and couldn't join me from the reflecting pool after I started the instance, which I thought was odd.
    Thanks for whatever feedback.

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    Re: 1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    I have to be honest here; I did not finish the epic line until my toon was level 65. At that point it was easy, and a pleasant way to spend hours on-line. It just goes a whole lot faster if you wait to 65, imho. So my not very hlepful advice would be to level your toon then crank the epic books. Our porting skills help this a lot.
    No doubt there are people who have done htis at lower levels who can help you more than me.

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    Re: 1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    Are you running back to whats-her-name every now and then? She says something to the effect of ''Hey buddy, I can't heal you from here'' (paraphrasing) and you need to run over and stand by her for a few seconds.
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    Re: 1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    I thought reflecting pools were for use after one had completed it. Try having your friend at Narmie when you talk to her, and see if a quest ring pops up on Narmie, offering your friend the instance. That's how I've generally gotten in on book instances where I'm not to that point yet. It doesn't count as the chapter completion for them, but they should be able to get into the instance.

    As for the final fight...I don't think I've ever done the that chapter solo. I've always found others that wanted to get it done too.


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    Re: 1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    I think I was about your level when I finished this. For me, the easiest way was to hit Mordirith with Low Cut and slow him down when he got into melee range. Then run to the other side of the platform, turn around and shoot at him until he gets back into melee range. Repeat as necessary.

    Every so often he will disappear and Narmeleth will be attacked by 3 or 4 adds. They all aggro on her, so it is easy to pick them off one at a time. At your level and with the inspiration buff they shouldn't last long enough to be any threat to her.

    For me, the hardest part of this quest was going through the tower after you fight Mordrambor. Narmeleth would run into rooms and aggro everything there and get herself killed, causing me to fail the quest.

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    Re: 1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Breelander View Post
    For me, the hardest part of this quest was going through the tower after you fight Mordrambor. Narmeleth would run into rooms and aggro everything there and get herself killed, causing me to fail the quest.
    This exactly. I've also done that quest at lvl56 and the first time I tried she aggroed like five priests in the library and died in a second. Ultimately I had to tag along with a Strength stance, trying to take aggro off her and when the enemy she was fighting had very little morale left I engaged another with ranged attack so she would stay in combat and not run ahead. Had to use crowd control a lot and was very close to dying at one point.

    Mordrambor wasn't hard to kill just very tedious. I did kill him twice with the excessive use of focus-based ranged attacks, so I could stay at the edge of Narmeleth's healing radius all along, as well as using lots of Athelas draughts just in case. Melee attack didn't work for me, I lost lots of morale while running hither and thither to get debuffed. Power was a bigger problem, had to use Strength of Earth a lot. Narmeleth was only attacked in the beginning, the first time she fought them off by herself, the second time I helped, and from then on her morale was stagnant and no more adds came.
    Mordirith, Mordirith, he was much easier, I killed the illusions as quickly as I could, used a lot of stunning when multiple ones came and the fight ended surprisingly quickly. Strange, as far as I remember the illusions didn't present any trouble, they weren't a big deal. I bloody enjoyed fighting him.

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    Re: 1.12.15 One Hope Remains - solo strat?

    I solod this at Level 54 with my decently equipped hunter without dying myself. (Though Narmaleth went down twice to the orcs in the caves.) The trick really is to run ahead and get all the guys on you then kite like crazy and use pots whenever available. I also had two +400 power on use shoulders and an instant + morale neclace. Amarthiel will occasionally throw a heal your way too which can be very helpful. RoT and Bard's Arrow are also your friends here.

    I think the fight with Mordrambor was bugged for me as for the most part I just stood there next to Narmaleth and shot him for a small fraction of my damage while chatting in kin chat. He threw a rare ranged attack and a mark my way but that was it. For Mordirith I just unleashed all my skills on him until I was low on morale, then I low cut and kited him using potions and Narmaleth's heals. It takes a while, but its completely doable.

    And I don't consider myself a good player.
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    I am a 64 level Hobbit Minstrel and I decided to retake this quest and finally finish it, with no luck however. I tried twice and was unable to leave the caves. Narmeleth died with the first wave of the orcs, and then on my second try, on the third wave with the fire worms. I wonder if there is a way to heal Narmeleth up during the fight since I am a healer class? Which stance should I use for that? Thanks I am getting fed up with the problems this quest causes.
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