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    Post Level 30+ Elven Hunter seeking kin

    I have a VIP account but am a casual player due to RL limitations. Preferably light-to-medium RP, with a laid-back, friendly and mature approach to the game.

    I really had my eyes on the Tarciryan (sp?) Knights, but I see from their post that they're no longer accepting Hunters, so /thumbnose. (j/k!)

    I'm an Explorer, so I'm ready, willing & able to inundate any kin with wood, metals & (unpolished) gemstones. Regrettably, my Tailor skills are teh suck so I have nothing to offer there.

    I am not new to MMOs, but do occasionally have dumbass questions about LotRO & LotRO-specific items, so while I may never shut up, I won't get us killed.

    Hopefully someone has some suggestions! Please, either reply to this thread or mail me in-game under "Tinurieth". Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Level 30+ Elven Hunter seeking kin

    I dont know how big of a kin you wanted, but I started one a few days ago called Champions of Eriador, and you sound like a good fit for the kind of kin i want. There are only 20 of us, but i want a kin of casual friendly people and to create a community that can just help each other out. We will eventually raid but no one will have to, we do skirmishes, crafting, questing, etc. Im going to make us a website later and think up a back story. My in game name is Talagan if your interested.

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    Re: Level 30+ Elven Hunter seeking kin

    Enjoying the Journey is a laid back casual Kin who would gladly accept you. Contact Caren, Atho,or Lithiriel. You can also type "Enjoying" in to Social panel search, that would be us.
    Lycka är en Alfen Jägaren.
    Not all of the information in this thread is accurate. Just so you know. ;) -MoL



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