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    Thumbs down All Shall Fade's 4th Annual Winter Festival Open to Nimrodel

    It is my pleasure to announce All Shall Fade’s 4th Annual Winter Festival. Due to past interest in events that ASF holds, we have decided invite our friends on the Nimrodel Server to participate in a few of our activities.

    The Party will begin at the All Shall Fade Kinship Hall on December 12th at 2pm EST located at :

    7 Fairwood Lane
    Parth Neldyr, Falathlorn Homesteads

    It is important that you show up at the ASF Kinship Hall as instructions for events open to all will be held in the /say channel. You may also /joinchannel asfwinter to socialize with all those who wish to join for the party.

    The All Shall Fade Band will be providing musical entertainment at the Kinship Hall.

    Party Itinerary:

    The following times are EST and loosely based on the activities and estimation of time taken. Some activities may take longer than expected. Check in the asfwinter channel for updates.

    • 2pm Opening Ceremonies*
    • 2:15pm Raffle Ticket Distribution*
    • 2:45pm Hide And Seek*
    • 3:30pm Trivia*
    • 4:00pm Crazy 8’s*
    • 5pm Skirmish Races (please see Marithil’s post below for more details)
    • 6-7pm Freeze-Tag will be our last event held at the Bree Festival Grounds. We will be arranging ports for everyone at the All Shall Fade Kinship Hall that wish to chase or be chased! We may start this at the same time the Skirmish Races start if there are people who do not want/wish to participate in the Skirmish Races, but wish to chase or be chased for some fun!

    If, everyone is still game, and worn out from chasing or being chased, we will organize 1 or more of the following depending on participation: Helegrod (24), Skirmish (12-6), School/Library (3). No buy-in needed, just good ‘ol fashioned fellowing.

    If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of the following people in-game via mail or tell:

    Marithil/Thornogil (Skirmish Races)
    Adeawyn/Harethir/Amanhir (Event Coordinator Extraordinaire)
    Trinitie/Trindal (General Questions)

    * These activities are restricted to Kin Members and Recruits of ASF only. Thank you for your understanding.

    Thank you for reading, and I, along with all my Officers, Members, and Recruits hope to see you at the festivities!

    All Shall Fade
    All Shall Fade

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    Re: All Shall Fade's 4th Annual Winter Festival Open to Nimrodel

    Information on the Raid/Skirmish Races:

    We will gather for the race at 5:00PM EST. We will be picking teams when we know who all will actually be there. We will be running in groups of 3 and there WILL be variable level races. (below)

    Note- Please read the above post (Trin's post) for the information to get into our chat room, which we will be utilizing.


    Anyone is welcome level 30+.

    We will be running Thievery and Mischief for the Race, which means you must be level 30 to enter.

    Entry fees are required to enter the races and it will be based on the level of the participant.

    All the entry fees will be thrown in a pot, and awarded to the winning team for each level category. So the more that enter, the bigger the prize will be per level category. So bring your friends!

    Level Ranges and their entry cost:

    lvl 30-34 - 100 silver
    lvl 35-39 - 200 silver
    lvl 40-44 - 250 silver
    lvl 45-49 - 300 silver
    lvl 50-54 - 350 silver
    lvl 55-60 - 400 silver
    lvl 61-65 - 500 silver

    After the main race, there was some talk about doing a kin vs. kin race. Each player putting forward 500 silver again, and making a 6 man run. But this would be after the main races. This race would be run at level 65.
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    Re: All Shall Fade's 4th Annual Winter Festival Open to Nimrodel

    Gonna be fun times!
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