Misericordia is an English speaking multi national guild which has ties back to the old EQ Cazic-Thule guild of the same name. As with our forbear, our aim is to create a mature guild of players that can have fun no matter what they do. It’s a group to hang out with, free from the stresses and strains of daily life, and maybe accomplish something at the same time. We are mainly USA/UK based, and with this multi time zone base, believe we can accommodate most types of players at whatever time they decide to log in. We are currently an up-and-coming kinship that will progress further into raiding. Most of the officers have been playing for some time now and have accomplished a large portion of the game.

We are a small Kinship currently, but all members have experience (in other games) in gathering, prepping, and being ready to do an instance or a raid at the pre-ordained time. While currently, we focus on helping people out with quests, and fellowships, we hope to move into more complicated encounters.

Most of our members have joined after moving from another MMORPG, but don't hold that against us! The core members have been here in LOTRO for at least a year, and we now feel it is time to open up our Kinship to new members.

If you are looking for a Kinship, please consider us. We do have some rules for membership in place, based on our past experiences online, but they are not all that onerous.

Currently, we are recruiting all classes and levels, and looking for mature players with a good sense of humor, who don't mind CMF (Complete Morale Failure) while trying to figure out new encounters.

If this interests you at all, please see our (AD FREE) website at:

Take a look at the front page, if you are interested, you must register on the front page in order to see the application for kinship (sorry about that, but web-spam is a nightmare). If you do decide to register and check us out, please set any email filters to allow mail from lotro-misericordia.net.

Thank you for your time,