Fellow Lotro players,

We are looking for friendly mature members. We recently had to boot members due to their inactivity not allowing us to achieve any progress in instances. All classes except for Hunters and Champions accepted for now. We have enough of both. All lvls will be accepted as long as once you reach 20 you will be willing to participate in weekly instances and Skirmishes. If you are interested post here with you Character name, class, lvl, and your age. We will only be accepting mature members. Also you could send a tell to Thorodin, Nevole, or MissDucky with this information.

Our current members are friendly and will aid you, if you ask, in anyway they can.

The hunter and Champ restriction is only until we get members of other classes. Also once we have enough members we will be running weekly instances on Tuesdays around 9pm eastern.

Thank you for your time.
Kin Leader